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Keith Pearce - Oct 2023
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 
This was an interactive workshop run by Keith offering the attendees the opportunity to work in a slightly different way, particularly helpful in working with clients where we or they are stuck. Keith broadly showed how EFT has developed in his own way and we were able to see from his practice sessions how effective it can be and how to apply this with our client work.
Attendee Feedback 
"Expert speaker and the live demos were useful. Feel more confident to give this a go because Keith encourages people to fit it into their own practice/style."
"Tailored to what we were interested in, a lot of practice and application."
"Well rounded content. Lovely man."
"The workshop was great, and very informative."
Jane Netts - Oct 2019

WorkingTherapeutically in The Couple Dynamic


In this training we learnt from psychotherapist Jane Netts about working with the couple dynamic in the room with both couples and individuals. This gave us a better understanding when people bring their relationships into the therapy room – either physically, when a couple attends, or mentally when one half of the couple is focussing on their relationship. 

Attendee Feedback 

"Excellent, I would have liked a bit more of Jane, and a bit less of us, the group. Very well-structured – information in the morning and practical work in the afternoon. It’s been very interactive and that’s been very enjoyable. I’m not sure if this was how the speaker envisaged how the day would run but it seemed to work."


"Really well delivered workshop – Jane is really approachable and well-informed."

"Loved Jane’s relaxed style, every slide was useful. The case study/role play was so interesting but possibly needed to contain the amount of time given. Good content and structure. Helpful being told that the notes would be emailed to us."

"It was really helpful having Jane be the therapist initially and then allow others to take the therapist role."

"Very well-structured, I liked the flexibility and Jane’s style was personable and very relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Jane is very knowledgeable, personal and accessible."

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Dr Ben Weiner - January 2019

Helping Young People Thrive with Acceptance Commitment Therapy

This was an introduction to working with Acceptance Commitment Therapy, firstly with the use of mindfulness through a mixture of theory and practical and group exercises. In the afternoon Ben went into more detail about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, again using a mix of theory and activities so that people could leave with some practical tips to taking into their client work. 

Attendee Feedback

"Engaging and informative, answered questions well. Enjoyed the speaker."

"Interesting topic despite some of my reservations about the modality."

"Great to have a discussion with others, so nice just to be in this context. Good pace, thoughtful, honest, I like the exercises."

"Good mixture of practical and theory. Ben was very knowledgeable and I will take some aspects with me for my own personal use."

"Lots of useful ideas and techniques to try. Speaker full of energy and enthusiasm. Thoughtful and coherent."

"All questions and comments graciously received!"

"Ben is so authentic and relational and therefore communicates the information with great humanity."


Robert Downes - October 2018

Robert Downes - October 2018 Working with Shame from an Embodied Relational Perspective- Part 2

Robert's second workshop was a seamless continuation from his first workshop with a more experiential space for reflecting on the exploration of shame and how we can best engage with it in ourselves and in our work as therapists.

Attendee Feedback 

"Transformational. Absolutely excellent!!! "

" Exceptional. The second day is as good as the first."      

"More practical advice on the actual work is welcome."  

"Concepts have been explained exceptionally well. Experiential learning has given a lot of insight into self."

"Beautifully presented and found the content very interesting. Would have liked more small group work."

"Totally engaging and he’s already made a difference to my practice with clients – I was at part 1."  

"A very generous delivery of trainer’s experience and learning. Very encouraging and inspiring."

"Robert is a unique and fantastic teacher. Very positive learning experience."

" Robert is always so inspiring – I enjoy how fluidly his workshops develop."

Robert Downes - April 2018

Working with Shame from an Embodied Relational Perspective- Part 1

This workshop was experiential as well as theoretically reflecting on the exploration of shame and how we can best engage with it in ourselves and in our work as therapists.
Some of the topics and themes explored were:

Exploring definitions, descriptions and experiences of shame.

Some of the clever stuff we need - useful theory.

The purpose of shame – as a manifestation of the self care system.

Building shame resilience – how we go about this. What lies beyond shame and how might we get there?Therapeutic skills for working with shame.Shame in relation to identity, discrimination and oppression.

On being human.  


Attendee Feedback 

"Fluid, a demonstration of being confident in personal working and delivery."

"A great modelling of being yourself in your work, as long as your intention is in honour of your client and their work.  Clear, engaging, welcoming and informative."

"Left with more questions which is always an excellent sign that I was stimulated."  

"Workshop was great, more experientiall stuff would have been welcome but really enjoyed what there was, profoundly touching and thought provoking."

"Enjoyable, insightful and good learning. Well-presented and interactive. Engaging and enriching. Robert is very engaging and authentic."

"The topic is spot on."

Embrace - January 2018

A Positve Body Image Documentary and Discussion

This was an engaging opportunity to open up the discussion on the impact body image can have not only for girls but for women in general. Through watching the brilliant documentary Embrace, we started to increase awareness about issues of body image that ended with an interactive discussion around our personal and therapeutic experiences of body image.

Dr Ben Weiner - March 2017

Working With Anxiety & Adolescents - A Practical and Critical Guide to Using CBT

This workshop was aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists working with young people experiencing anxiety. The day was designed to highlight and summarise the key concepts in supporting young people to overcome and fight back against anxiety.  The main model discussed throughout the day was Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with a brief discussion of other approaches, including solution-focused therapy and other evidence-based models.


Attendee Feedback:

"A good whistlestop tour. I found Ben very personable. Well paced and time allowed for questions and observations from participants."

"Covered aspects of CBT I was aware of but great refresher plus some new ideas."

"Very engaging and charismatic, would be interested to hear him speak again."

"Excellent mix of informative and reflective, very skilled practitioner.Superb content, obviously a lifetime study, but well-structured base to continue."

"Very interesting topic, lots of useful strategies to take away and use in practice."

"Interesting well-structured content, good to have powerpoint in advance. Excellent mix of informative and reflective, very skilled practitioner."

Judy Yellin - Nov 2016

The ‘Traumatised Client’ - Relationships as the source of Hurt and Healing

The training was run by Judy Yellin with all participants invited to think about the issue of trauma in relation to their clients, making this a very interactive experience. This was used, together with their own process, to bring the workshop alive. Topics covered included:

Defining Trauma, How does Trauma Appear in the Therapy Room

Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation, Working with Child States within the Adult 

Dissociative Disorder- what it looks like and how to know what you are seeing when you see it

The Different Creative Ways to Work with Trauma in Children and Adults.


Attendee Feedback:

"Clear, fluent, thought-provoking.  Very useful indeed."  

"Very knowledgable and gave me new insights."

"Very good workshop, giving more skills and ideas to work with traumatised clients."

"A very thorough and informative day, presented in an accessible and engaging way, Judy was brilliant!"

Prof Julia Buckroyd - June 2016

Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

The workshop was aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who are interested in eating disorders. It allowed delegates to keep abreast of the latest thinking and developments through this practical and therapeutically focused workshop exploring: Diagnosis, Eating behaviour, Emotional intelligence

Attachment and emotional regulation​, Improving the capacity to relate. 


Attendee Feedback: 

"Fascinating topic delivered in an engaging and sometimes amusing manner."

"Use of clinical examples very helpful. Experiential exercises were useful, really enjoyed her dry wit." 

"Very well structured, good amount of dyad work." 

"Excellent speaker. Very engaging style."

"Loved the energy, content, honesty and exercises, very engaging."

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