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Helping young people thrive, with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Helping young people thrive, with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
27 Jan 2019, 10:00 – 16:00
Terapia @ The Bothy,
19 E End Rd, London N3 2SU, UK

Our Next Speaker
Keith Pearce

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Keith started seeing clients in 1994 and conducted around 35000 sessions by the time he recently retired. He initially trained as a psychodynamic counsellor, followed by a psychotherapy training, and a hypnotherapy training, subsequently teaching Hypnotherapy at a College in Berkshire for a number of years. Keith also studied group psychotherapy with the Institute of Group Analysis. 


Keith stumbled upon EFT along the way and has used the technique extensively. In addition he trained as an EMDR practitioner and has taught both techniques in numerous locations in the UK, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

We have been lucky enough to attend his training on EFT 10 years ago and found it extremely helpful as a technique to use in a range of settings.


We are very pleased to offer Keith's one day training here, which comes with a useful workbook and gives us the opportunity to watch him demonstrate the technique, and try it out for ourselves.

EFT has evolved considerably since it was launched in 1997. There is no 'accepted' way to use this; and there are many spin-off techniques that are based on the EFT model. Whilst it does not fix every issue it can be stunningly effective. The day-long workshop will include a lot of practice sessions and ample time for questions. Keith will broadly show how EFT has developed in his own way, but he will also demonstrate the original method of Gary Craig.


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